Rubberwhores Dildo Penetration Pt2

...she get some nice dildos and started to penetrate my blowjob mouth with the first one. The same she used then later on fucking my pussy with it...


Rubber Piss Therapy 3

...You know, she finally pissed in through her nice opened crotch zipper. I so wanted to touch and lick it, what I've seen as my rubberized pussy got wet and horny while watching this...


FacePussy Play

...She inserted it totally in my wet facepussy and the she left the dungeon with the words „You will have to hold this heavy dildo for at least one hour in your facepussy, slut!“......


Heavy Rubber in Costa Rica was really extreme to play in full heavy rubber gear outside while the sun is burning down on your rubberized head and body....

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Inflatable Rubber Hell 11:51 min HD-Video

... Mistress started to rub my rubberized pussy and then she started to put her fingers into it and to stretch it. ...

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Inflatable Ballhood Masturbation

...I start to pump up my butt plug. It’s growing and growing inside my crotch until I start moaning. Then I slowly let the air out...

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Sniffing Dildo in my pussy!

This picture series is showing some awesome HD pictures me using my new awesome and extremely hot toy: SNIFFING DILDO!...

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Vacuum Bed Bondage - No Way Out Pt1

...not only that Emma has to spend the night in vacuum bed bondage, she also puts two huge metal dildo electrodes into Emma's holes...

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3 Days encased in Total Heavy Rubber

...I started to touch my ballhood and in tight and shiny rubber encased boobs. The situation was naughty and so kinky, that it really made me horny and wet as hell...


Members Club Preview

"You can discover more about a person in one hour of play than in a year of conversation." — Plato

Four Reasons to Get Rubbered and Inspired by ThePervyDoll!

Mistress & Rubberdoll

1I’m ThePervyDoll also known as Emma Lee and I’m a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. International popular for my outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the world. I’m living my fetish since I’m 16 years to the max and I’m getting more and more bizarre and perverted with each year. The name „Emma Lee“ stands for high-quality fetish in the scene. If you are interested in true and real RUBBERDOLL fetish, there is anyone else like me. Especially because I’m owned by dominant Mistress Dominique la Mer which trains me daily to a bizarre living toy. We’re present together in dungeons across Germany and do bizarre heavy rubber sessions.

Rubber Outfits

2Being a Rubberdoll is not as easy as many people think about that point. The outfits I wear are very cost intensive but finally they are worth every Cent. However Emma Lee invests almost every Cent earned with the fetish back into the fetish. This is the reason why Emma Lee owns some special custom made outfits which are unique. You can help with your membership that Emma Lee will be able in the future to present you interesting, gorgeous and horny outfits in bizarre situations. Be part of that and enjoy watching the clips and pictures, reading the diaries about Emma Lee, a real living Rubberdoll.

Rubber Fetish Content

3For you as a member is the content important. This member zone is not created to suck off their members and make your live complicated. The content can be seen on nice video players in the club. As a member of my members club you are part of me, a living bizarre project and therefore you should be able to download this content for your private use too. All galleries are in HD quality. Read my fetish diary and enjoy with me together my bizarre and pervy life. Every diary entry is something special and tells a true story of me. Become part of that!

Real Fetish Life!

4Emma Lee is not a rubber loving fetish actor or model. She is real! She is not showing faked content or faked life as she is owned by gorgeous Mistress Dominique la Mer with whom she is present in many dungeons in Germany like the Bizarradies in Munich, Atelier du Mal in Offenbach or the SMart Cologne. Emma gets trained in the dungeons, lives out her darkest phantasies in sessions and is enjoying the hard bdsm life of a Rubberdoll. She is not an independent individuum. She’s a living rubber toy which is not free in decission what to wear, what to do and when? Everything in Emma’s life is controlled by the Mistress. This is „Total Control“ at it’s best!

Latest Updates

Asmondena Pt2

April 17 | 16:25 min. Pervy-HD-Video

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April 9, 2018

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Tropical Rubber Pt5

March 18 | 37:11 min. Pervy-HD-Video

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March 12 | 07:40 min. Pervy-HD-Video

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Breathplay Bondage Pt2

February 18 | 11:50 min. Pervy-HD-Video

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Tropical Rubber Pt4

January 25 | 11:29 min. Pervy-HD-Video

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Emma's Pervy-Rubber-Blog

Heavy Rubber Sex in Hamburg

Vlcsnap 2018 02 23 16h09m32s669

On thursday I was in Hamburg and had an awesome heavy rubber sex session at Lady Asmondena’s dungeon. Even if …

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I was banned from Instagram, but I’m back!


Well, it happened again . Someone has reported me and Instagram removed my account for sexual explicit reasons. They even …

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Kinky SALE!


KINKY SALE 2018! Get your membership on this page and enjoy your fetish membership for 90 days! – for only …

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Emma's Pervy-Rubber-Diary

Vlcsnap 2018 02 23 16h09m32s669

On thursday I was in Hamburg and had an awesome heavy rubber sex session at Lady Asmondena’s dungeon. Even if …

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IMG 9252

Rubberwhore was inflated in her bondage catsuit and got her ballhood from Studio Gum which was connected to the longbreathing …

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Pissgames 2

Wide spreaded legs, tight corset and restrictive bondage helmet and an airtight gasmask which allows to breath only through the …

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Emma's Pervy Wishlist

1185117 698501146834137 1031437817 N

Since I was a child and saw the film “”Splash” I ever dreamed of becoming and wearing one time such …

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increased ground contact surface for more stability than stiletto version & 4 real lockable straps (keys are required to take …

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Our signature inflatable mega boob playsuit has individual inflatable boobs to eroticize your fantasies. The attractive bust detailing and options …

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