Rubberdoll Transformation Process :)

Dear my wonderful RubberDarling!


I know I’m kind of late with this and finally I think you are very pissed on me, but I was in huge trouble and also very busy, so I hope you will understand it. So let’s start from the beginning. I would love that you own also a Danish Gasmask Suit like me. :) This one would cost finally 360€ + shipping. I have ordered mine today and had to see that it was more then I thought, but well no problem at all.


Because a catsuit doesn’t make hot curves you will need the HW-Design COR13 corset. I would love to order one in the early beginning of the RTP for you. You will have to wear it always when in Rubber and you finally love it. When not wearing it you will even miss it. Finally this one is a little expensive but worth every single penny. It costs 529€ + shipping. At least you will need masks. A lot of masks! Not because I don’t want to see your face LOL. It is needed for a Rubberdoll and therefore I would love to go with Rubber’s Finest for you. Which one exactly I think we should see when time has come to order it.

When in dungeon or at our first meeting in Spain, you will finally also need a second catsuit to change because you can’t wear all day the one with the attached gasmask. I thought on a Torpedo Tits Catsuit from Demask. Price is difficult, because depends on the extras and grade of rubber etc. So before ordering, we will have to check this out and then go on with ordering process.

BIg PRK’s <3

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