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Hello my dear fans and readers,

today I am traveling to Munich with Mistress Dominique la Mer. We are going to stay for 2 days at the Bizarradies dungeon in Munich and I got a message from my mistress that I will be put for 2 complete days into my rubber prison in the dungeon. Well the follwoing two days are going to be the hottest 2 days this week so I really hope that it won’t be too hot in the dungeon downstairs otherwise it will become a really hard experience for me.

I will hopefully be able to keep in touch and write some notes and post some photos to my pervy diary during this weekend. If not, I will post it next week after I will be free again and less rubbered!

xo Emma

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  1. GerardoGerardo11-10-2012

    hello she said “Is this my little slut Melanie?” She had me and knew it. “yes Mistress” I anerewsd. She then asked if I packed the items as directed and I replied that I had. She told me what a good little slave I was. She directed me to put on the babydoll and panties. I did as directed. Mistress really likes to push my limits and once I was “dressed” she ask where my room was in relation to the ice machine. When I told her it was about five or six rooms away she ordered me to take the ice bucket and fill it. I just about died. I told her that I didn’t think I could do it. She told me to either do it or hang up and never call her again. I was never so scared as when I peeked out the door. I didn’t see anyone and so ran to the ice machine, quickly filled up the bucket and ran back to my room. Just as I was closing my door I heard voices from down the hall. I was probably only out of the room for a minute or so but it was the longest minute of my life and felt like an hour. When I got back to the phone, Mistress laughed and said I was a good little bitch and that it was a shame I hadn’t been spotted.She then made me put ice cubes up my ass one at a time. She had me suck on the dildo and play with my cock. I’ve never been so turned on and so into a call. She had me fill a glass with ice and made me cum in it. I then had to eat each cube until they were gone and the glass was licked clean. She then made me promise to spend the rest of the evening in my outfit and to call her after I got home from the conference. I did both.

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