Fetish Project in Brussels – September 15th

Fetish Project is a fetish party held for years in the nice belgium capital Brussels. The party takes place on a river boat and is belgians permier fetish event. The Dresscode is kinky and the exposition right before the party is it too!

For years, I had been under the impression that the only things Brussels had to offer were sex and drugs and fries and pralines — this is all anyone seems to talk about. However, over the years, enough acquaintances had recommended checking out Brussels fetish scene.

Brussels is a beautiful city, filled with history, an architectural wonderland. The most striking discovery I made about the city was its inhabitants — so friendly and open-minded! After spending a day walking the cobblestone streets, it was no surprise to find a similar atmosphere upon passing through the doors at my guests where I was shooting with Patrick Keupens and Isis Solide.

Now it seems I could come back to Brussels for a hot night in rubber. The Fetish Project party in Brussels. The event’s organiser, Aurore Salem invited me friendly and was very helpful answering my questions about the party.

L’accès à la soirée est accessible par la Rue de la Dyle car le Quai des Péniches est occupé par Bruxelles-Les-Bains.

Boutique Minuit (Galerie du Centre – Bruxelles)
Boris Boy (95 Rue du Midi – Bruxelles)
Arkel Piercing (Passage Saint Honoré – Bruxelles)
Delicatescense (Féronstré 123 – Liège)
Toys 4 Boys (Nosestraat 6 – Antwerpen)
Océane (9 Bld J. Bertrand – Charleroi)
Carré Blanc (6-8 Rue des Jardins – Lille)
Darkland (3 Rue Sauval – Paris)

Official Fetish-Project Flyer

It was the most perverted and kinky party ever. Tight black rubber, bdsm play, tubes connected from crotch to the gasmask and much more. Now the most pervy party comes back! After announcing that its Europerve party would return in May this year, and settling on Saturday May 19 — which we pointed out in an earlier Fetishistas story was the only May date that didn’t clash with another major fetish weekend — DeMask has had second thoughts.
The Amsterdam party has now been rescheduled for September 29, which makes a lot more sense than trying to shoehorn it into May’s already crowded perving schedule.

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