These Demask leggings are creating the perfect rubber butt!

Every rubber and latex wearing woman knows the problem. She is going to fitness studios, do train her butt and cheeks to get them nicely rounded and well shaped and after pulling on a tight rubber leggings the butt gets flat and everything else then well-shaped. Often the leggings also squeezes the butt cheeks together and form an „one-piece-butt“.

A true nightmare for every woman. These great leggings designed by Demask, are creating the perfect rubber butt. The cut in shape of the leggings are seperating your butt cheeks and creates that way the perfect and so often wished round form of the arse. The rubber is not too hard and stiff and shaped like a round butt. So the arse is not flaten and looks absolutelly stunning. These leggings will be soon in all Demask stores available and for sure they will become a must have for every rubber wearing woman!


Store Dortmund:
Photographer: Luke Lenz
Model: Ishtar & Brute –

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