Lady Gaga presents the second ad for her new perfume

Lady Gaga Latex Perfume

No kidding anymore, Lady Gaga’s Perfume is coming. On 17 September launches pop icon Lady Gaga their black scent Fame. And for the singer stirred vigorously for some time the word.

In Munich and Berlin, she is already naked on oversized billboards and conspicuously adorns the walls of houses. Now we saw in their community Little Monsters another photo for marketing of her perfume. Here is Lady Gaga dressed, though in their own way: they presented themselves from head to toe in skin-tight latex suit. To discover at Twitter, where Lady Gaga has more than 28 million followers. Who has so many friends …

Lady Gaga’s first perfume would smell like “blood and semen” as it is reported in early January. Gaga said the scent of her perfume will contain blood which would come out of her own body, but where the semen might come from is still a secret. A perfume that smells like “an expensive hooker”, Lady Gaga Perfume is coming soon……

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