Marie-Claude Bourbonnais creates her own fiber-glass bra!

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Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is a Cosplay and Glamour Model from Quebec, Canada. She is a very big busted and gorgeous girl and model and for her roles and shows she is creating her own costumes which she shows on parties and especially big expos and Comic-Cons. Her career started some years before winning a model contest and from this moment on she only knows one direction: UP!

Marie-Claude’s speciality is not only her skill. It is her body. In detail her BOOBS! She has wonderful big and round silicone boobs, formed like perfect melons or balls. A very tiny waist and perfect shaped butt she is squeezing often on Comic-Cons in rubber to impersonate Superheroes like Heroes of the North and many others.

I’m following her for many month on facebook and twitter and am very satisfied and impressed how she is learning the fiber-glass technique. So today I’m showing you in a quick and dirty blog her latest work. Here are 3 pictures from the process how the fiber-glass bra was built by this gorgeous Girl. I really can’t await it till Marie-Claude will create her own fiber-glass hot pants or similar. Great possibilites for BDSM-play so far too 😉 . Just think about the possibilty to create a special „chastity bra“ in which the wearer is not able to touch her boobs and nipples anymore and it is still possible to go through a security at the airport or similar, because it is not made of metall but rather of fiber-glass. Or think about a fiber-glass chastity panty or corset or neck corset or even a rubbered fiber-glass mask or helmet. So many brain-feed…

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

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And for alle fans of Marie-Claude Bourbonnais you can see her for sure live on Montreal Comiccon from Sept 14-16 2012: MONTREAL COMICCON →

For german fans of Games and Comics the GamesCom will start within some days in Cologne Aug 16-19 2012: GamesCom →

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