Heavy Rubber by Studio Gum is history now!


Like a huge fire one meesage goes around the fetish scene. The famous brand „StudioGum“ from Vienna closes from December 31, 2012 and will stop creating masks, bags and catsuit for rubber fetish freaks. StudioGum made especially a good name with very thick and restrictive masks and great inflatable bags. With StudioGum the scene will be missing a lot of Know-How because there are not many people world-wide which has the knowledge about creating 2 and more mm thick masks.

With this step, Johannes from StudioGum leaves the field for Rubber’s Finest which are creating very similar masks and is monopolist in Heavy Rubber Masks worldwide now. A lot of people even tried to order a mask from StudioGum now but this wasn’t possible. StudioGum is booked out till end of 2012 and will then close down the business.

Good luck for the future!

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