Packing for the long rubber dungeon weekend started :)

Packing The Doll

The packing for the upcoming rubber dungeon weekend with Dominique la Mer has started. PUH! So much to polish, so much to choose and to try on. Which colors and which corsets will I need? Bondage mits? Ballet Boots? Dont‘ know yet how much rubber I will need again, but I know I will be held again for 4 days under Total Rubber Control, what will be again very „RUBBER MATERIAL INTENSIVE“ 😉 .

We are going to stay from Thursday, Nov 1 till Friday, Nov 2 in the Atelier du Mal dungeon in Frankfurt. Late friday evening traveling to Munich then where we will stay for 3 days then in the Bizarradies dungeon. On monday I will bring then Mistress Dominique la Mer back to Stuttgart. She will be traveling to Paris for sessions then. I will go back to Düsseldorf then and will start to wash and polish my rubber again. *grins*

Maybe I see you in Frankfurt or Munich? xo Emma

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