The Black Tape Project – Girls wearing only vinyl electrical tape

This is a fantastic project I found through one of my facebook friends. Boutique Minuit posted and repined the first pictures from this project. First I did not realised that it is a really huge thing and thought just there has someone dressed a girl with black tape. But then I saw more and more pictures and they got better and better and I started to get curious about. So I googled and found the website It’s really worth a visit and watch this great and sexy outfits made only with vinyl tape!

Originally the project was just applying black electrical tape to compliment the curves on the subject. It has grown much more from just taping the body. now recognized as a new form of art, it is being featured on not only bodies but pretty much anything the tape can stick too. Due to the high demand the black tape project continues to reinvent itself.. With limitless possibilities the black tape project has attracted the attention of great artist, recording artist and photographers around the world.. In 5 short months the black tape project has been featured in several magazines world wide and invited to tape dancers for international Dj’s such as Carl Cox and Steve Aoki. Show cased in countless events and night clubs from Fetish Factory to Mansion night club and soon a few surprises by Joel Alvarez as he reinvents the black tape project in phase 2 and phase 3 soon to be released.

About the Artist

The black tape project is the creation of Joel Alvarez. obviously not the first person to apply electrical tape on the body but non the less a true artistic pioneer of our time with his innovative use and designs. Joel has always been involved in the arts. countless awards in art during his school years to the preforming arts after high school, break dancing and fire acts for events and videos.. now as a young photographer in this world polluted with anyone with a camera his style and creativity has allowed him to stand out just enough to be recognized

Joel Alvarez was commissioned to shoot a model whose idea to be wrapped in the black electrical tape in the beginning of his photography career in 2008. Although he was not taken by the unoriginal idea of randomly wrapping tape on the body at first, he stuck with it and began to cultivate one of kind designs with black electrical tape. Creating his own techniques to anchor tape in strategic locations to control the curves and the lines of the tape and keep the integrity of the design. He has been able to create intricate and unique designs on each of his models.

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