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Did you know that I was acting myself „Rubberdoll Emma Lee“ in a movie from Rubber’s Finest? No? It was the very first DVD Rubber’s Finest made and I was acting besides Pupett, Baroness Bijou and the beautiful Sagara in the movie studio of Rubber’s Finest in Langenfeld (between Düsseldorf and Cologne). My role was to put the beautiful slave girl Sagara into the black/yellow bondage-corset dress which you can see on the cover. And later in the movie I am the one who was put into the great Rubber Sarkophag. I had to stay a whole day during the filming in this Sarkophag, because it lasted a long time to inflate it.

For those who do not know about Rubber’s Finest. It’s one of the best manufacturers of bizarre rubberwear presents their first ever video production: Rubber’s Finest, the video is here! The specialists for elaborate heavy rubber costumes, tubed aroma caskets and smellbags, and thick multilayered masks, have made all their fantasies come true.
During 90 minutes, a cast of dedicated rubberists (Baroness Bijou, Puppett, Sagara, The Doctor and Rubberdoll Emma Lee) demonstrate total enclosure, complete rubberization inside out, latex inhalation, tubing of all orifices

Please note: this video is only available in European PAL system.

You can get here now your very own and personal signed COPY by Rubberdoll Emma Lee. It’s limited to 20 DVD’s, which will be signed by myself personal for the buyer. So don’t waste this chance! The Limited Edition DVD costs incl. Shipping (for EU) 69,95€. Shipping outside EU please ask by mail.

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  1. Fusslecker2000Fusslecker200012-17-2012

    wow, nice preview clip. why did she struggle that much when she got her mouth full of rubber?

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Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World