Black Cherries F-suit beauty shots by Christopher

F Suit Vanilla06

Today after a long journey home I sat down on the couch with my iPad and saw this great F-Suit from Christopher. Well the suit is made of leather and I’m totally in Rubber, but I love bondage as well and this suit makes me a little bit jealous on leather fetishists, because it’s so much more meant and usuable for bondage items then rubber. It’s so much more stable and solid, that I’m really a little jealous on that fetish material. However even if I’m a Rubberdoll I thought I should show you this too. It’s so awesome and great.

So here are some images from a couple of shoots Christopher did with the F-suit he made for the upcoming show at Vanilla Gallery Tokyo, a project he has been working on with Karen Hsiao for her „Black Cherries“ series! This F-suit is going over there, and it might be sold… Maybe yours soon 😉 ?

This is probably the most severe, tight-fitting f-suit I’ve ever seen. The legs are positioned so the person inside is pretty much forced into a face-down hogtie. The leg pockets pull the lower leg close, and the torso fits very snug as well. The only relief is in the arm pockets, which are actually the smallest version of the pattern. The zipped hood also fits pretty close, especially for such heavy, unyielding leather. This is an extreme suit to wear!


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