Friday, January 18 | Going to try the „Cast-Fetish“

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I mentioned some days before that a fan of me is going to produce a hard-plastic body cover for myself. The complete diary entry is also here in the diary. However the guy which is doing the hard-plastic cover has also asked me to do a cover-all cast for me. I said „yes“ and so it will happen end of february that I will find myself in a very stiff cast for a whole night and a day. I’m really very nervous about this, because a cast a little bit different then being in an inflatable rubber bag or catsuit. Even if the bondage effect is the same in rubber, you are able to move a little, while in cast movement is unpossible.

Am still a little bit sad about the mail I got yesterday. A guy wrote me that I’m begging for alms, what I’m definetly not doing. However the guy seems to be very jealous on me or he is pissed off because he was asking first to give him a „free member-zone“ password. I wrote him this wouldn’t be fair to all my members which went the right way. So I got some bad messages and some reports on my facebook fanpage. Well it doesn’t effect me too much because I have a validated account and facebook is not deleting it, but they are sending me mails that I’m violating against terms etc. blabla… Yes I’m a rubberdoll so it’s sure every picture from me will violate the facebook terms.

So back to the CAST FETISH. I’m really curious on it and will hopefully be able to get a video of it too for YOU!


I found some information about cast fetish and pictures on and

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