Getting an individual „Body Case“ by a fan!


Some days before I posted this nice article about my „NEW YEARS WISHES“ (read it here). After I posted this on my facebook fanpage I got some emails and one was really interesting and very serious. It was from Harry Legatura and he likes to build this body case like on the pictures for me.

We are going to meet in Munich, where we have to cast my body first of all. After that Harry will produce the two body case halves from a epoxy resin which will be painted in black shiny afterwards and will be then polished to a perfect look. Can’t await it to start this fantastic project!

Also I’m gone try in march when we meet up in Munich the total cast fetish. I will allow him to put me into a total cast, so unmovable, so heavy, so wonderful! I am totally excited about that. Is here someone who tried it? How was your experience in it? Let me know. Send me a message or leave a comment.

After that we are going to produce some special items, like a full head plastic mask and chastity pants etc. So excited!!!


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  1. LMSLMS01-14-2014

    You owning this already?

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