How to lock a woman in her High-Heels

Have you ever thought about being locked in your High-Heel shoes? Not being able to remove them from your feet again. Condemned walking in it every singe minute, even when in bed, on toilet or under the shower? It’s really easy. Watch this video on YouTube. This High-Heel lock was made from leather. Can anyone provide it by metal? If so let me know on



  1. DavidDavid04-28-2014

    Hi Emma. I just read your post. If you want, I can provide you with instructions of locking your high heels on with chains and padlocks. It can be really effective and secure, without the key you are screwed… This is what I do to myself as well.

  2. PatrickPatrick06-08-2014

    Hi Emma, I love those. So sexy and exciting. Exactly what my wife and me are looking for. Where did you bought or ordered these? Thank you.

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