Restore and remaster cult film „Preaching to the Perverted“

This 1997 film set in fetish clubs and culture will fade from view unless we restore the 35mm negative and digitise it to HD

Why do we need more money when we have passed our target? We first put together a barebones budget for the minimum anticipated cost of restoring and remastering our cult film.

By public demand we already added English subtitles at our own expense. So now that we have hit the target we have immediately commissioned technical reports on the sound and picture which will establish the levels of work needed for optimum quality.

If we hit our next target of £22,000 we’d ensure a higher level of sound resmastering (details to be published very soon) more subtitles (in French, Spanish, Portuguese and German), add audio commentaries including a brand new one from star Christien Anholt, and ensure that the many cans of original 35mm negative and sound can be preserved for a minimum of five years. If we approach the next level of £26,000, we will publish again the new goals that will be attained which will include further levels of the above plus new stuff!

76bb4b357d7957ca84e51cffca5ef2cf_largeWhat we want and who we are. Cyclops Vision is the production company (owned by Stuart Urban and Alan Jay) which made and would like you to help preserve „Preaching to the Perverted“ a cult film which has reached out to millions, not just in the fetish, gay and lesbian, Goth, rubber and other scenes, but people who just love a bold and different film about sexuality that makes them laugh and also reflect on the way of the world. It can also be discovered by many more people (e.g. those too young to see it first time round!) if we restore the original 35mm negative and remaster to make it available in HD. Women in particular have always represented well over half the audience for this movie, the first set principally in the fetish scene, and we hope after the EL James trilogy, many more will discover it now BDSM is no longer a four-letter word.

The film starred Guinevere Turner and Christien Anholt and was directed by two-time British Academy (Bafta) award-winner, Stuart Urban. All three have come back together after 16 years to make this appeal, together with other original crew such as film editor Julian Rodd and sound editor James Hynes who will help oversee the project technically.

Why now, why Kickstarter? The reason that smaller/specialised movies fade away from public view is for two reasons:firstly, standard definition video formats such as DigiBeta were made for DVD and TV become obsolete; then to make an HD version you must go back to the 35mm which will itself begin to decay sometimes after a couple of decades The cost of restoring 35mm and remastering to HD is so high that only the Hollywood majors or big studios can afford to do it. More and more, TV channels and platforms like iTunes are only accepting HD so soon we will be shunted off those screens unless we have an HD master, and this is simply not economic for us to accomplish on our own. This is why your presence on Kickstarter creates a unique opportunity to restore a film with a following.

6b08850cca7dbf2c7a525785d74a6ad5_largeWhat will be done with your money? Specifically, your support will let us first access and repair the 35mm negative stored at Deluxe Laboratories, also the sound masters. This is a time consuming process which involves removing dirt and dust etc. Next we run the restored film anew on a state of the art digital film-to-video scanner (a frame by frame, optical pin registered scan) to render it in HD with a brand new grading process. This replaces the oldfashioned „telecine“ machines that were real time where even 35mm film could weave and dirt was difficult to detect and eliminate. We will also attempt, depending on the funds raised and state of magnetic masters, to create a genuine new 5.1 Surround from the Dolby SR original. This will be the first time, unless you were one of the people that saw the film in the cinema back in 1997-1999, that you can see the film in its true glory.

We will create a new HD master (for cinema, downloads, TV and video on demand) and a brand spanking new ONE OFF BluRay edition. There will be new artwork, and a brand new short HD documentary directed by Stuart Urban to be made with your funding, interviewing the principal cast and crew and telling all the amazing stories that followed after Preaching to the Perverted’s first release: the bannings; the scandals; the clubs, scenesters and artists named after the film; those whose lives it changed and why, plus more…

Just this one limited run of the BluRay is being made, for contractual reasons with various distributors around the world we cannot guarantee it will ever be available again, so if you love this film, hurry now to „Kinkstart“ this project!

Oh, and in case they invent something beyond HD and 4k, your funds will help to preserve the restored 35mm for at least 16 more years so that it can be used again.

How will the funding trigger the project? Your funding will make this happen mostly, we expect, by simply having enough people choose the digital download of the new HD version of the film or the BluRay, so that you participate directly in the fruits of restoring this unique cinematic work.

What special rewards are there? Apart from being able to view the film in better quality than ever seen since its cinema release in 1997, there are also a whole range of other goodies, and added value! They include a private fetish/burlesque performance, Stuart Urban writing a screenplay to your own brief, the final sell-off of the last memorabilia surviving from 1997, and meals with Guinevere Turner, Christien Anholt, or Stuart Urban. Or „dinner with a dominatrix“ to discuss the movie!

What if our supporters just pass on by? As a final plea, we’d just like to point out that if we don’t achieve funding, the 35mm materials will fade away and so will the old tape stocks on which analogue video versions were made. Then the film will become all but extinct.

Are any outsiders supporting us? We’d like to thank people who are backing us in all sorts of ways, here are just some: Skin Two, Jed Phoenix, Luster, Madame Caramel, Coffee Cake and Kink, cine kink, Miss Velour, Mistress Suzy Angel, Mistress Argenta, Mistress Martine Phoenix, Lottie Kixx – Burlesque & Fetish Performance Artist, Alistair Pulling, Hoxton Dungeon Suite, and BetterThan A Bed. If anyone else from the scene, Goth, LGBT or any other interest group wants to help, do message us!

Risk and challenges

We have taken steps to assess the state of all our materials – 35mm negative, interpositive and internegative, plus all sound masters optical and magnetic, so that we are informed that restoration is achievable. there is no major risk to the restoration project not being completed. So, for example, if one part of the intenegative (a 35mm copy negative used to make cinema release prints) has sustained too much wear and tear, we can go back to the original negative and replace those frames. We also have another 35mm master, the interpositive, to fall back on.

The time structure for delivery also allows for dealing with any sound snags. At this point in time, we cannot guarantee that all the magnetic masters (DA88 tapes) are able to be 100% salvaged, and the creation of 5.1 digital sound depends on that. However, if we don’t succeed in 5.1 there will still be a digital rendition of the proper Dolby SR stereo.

For the making of the documentary, we will hire first class crew to be supervised by Stuart Urban who will direct the project with his immense experience. Some interviews have already been filmed. The rest will be done on reaching our Kickstarter target but do not present any substantive risk of non completion of the documentary.

All the other gifts and donations by our valued supporters are confirmed at this time but if anything were to happen in delivery of those items or experiences, we take responsibility and would compensate accordingly.

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