Meet me at Midsummernight Bizarre | June 21, 2013

It’s the shortest night of the year, but you will make it to a very special night full of glamour, fetish and pure style. The „Midsummernight Bizarre“ is a new party series from an EX-FetishEvolution Weekend member with a lot of experience and know-how about the national and international fetish scene. With V Danceclub, Demask Dortmund, Boombastic and StyleFetish the Midsummernight Bizarre has strong partners on it’s side, all established in the international fetish scene, to become a really successful fetish party in the middle of Germany’s heart the Ruhrgebiet. The Ruhrgebiet was in the early 50’s, 60’s and 70’s Germany’s economic wonder No.1. Very successful in coal mining and steel the region groves so fast that it is today a so called „Metropolitan region“ with 10 Mio. people living from Duisburg to Dortmund and a reach of more then 30 Mio. people in a radius of 200km (with Netherlands and Belgium). Today the Ruhrgebiet is changing. Drastically. From mining and steel the region is doing a metamorphosis to new media and culture and this very successfull.

This region is getting a new „fetish party“ now and will become also a part of the changing process in the Ruhrgebiet. Goodbye old good times were thinking in boxes was normal. Today the rule is „express yourself, be yourself“ and live out what you ever dreamed about. So why not going this early summer to a region and to be a part of something like „Midsummernight Bizarre“. You all will make it a success. The circumstances are set to the best, the party is you. So move your ass to Gelsenkirchen, June 21 and enjoy a night full of erotic, bizarre and glamourous outfits, people and fantasies.

As DJs the „Midsummernight Bizarre“ got the famous DJ Ben Green from the Berlin Kitkat Club and Highheel Voltage an italian/czech DJane couple with more then just music. And finally one of the most elegant and stylish club of the Ruhrgebiet will become the location of this great „Midsummernight Bizarre“. Don’t miss it! Be a part of it!

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Grothusstraße 42, 45883 Gelsenkirchen

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Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World