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Everyone who has ever worn latex knows the indescribable feelings that this material can trigger on the skin. The mostly tight fitting latex feels like a second skin, is thrillingly exhilarating and available in all colours and forms you can conceive of.

Getting it on is not always an easy feat. This is because latex has the property of not only adhering to more latex, but also to your skin. Silicone oil and talc can help, but are always messy. Taking care of your latex garments also takes a lot of time and effort.

This can be much easier and additionally incomparably silky – thanks to Silky Latex!

Every conventional latex product can be turned into Silky Latex by improving the surface structure of the latex by a one-time process. After the improvement the latex isn’t sticky anymore. The new, incomparable wearing comfort with its silky to the touch surface is addictive. Lots of people can’t stop stroking Silky Latex…

You will start wearing your latex more often, since the speedier process of putting it on gives you more, and more spontaneous, occasions to wear it. Even hair won’t stick to your latex anymore.

For the first time, latex can be combined effortlessly with normal cloth and several layers of latex do not stick to one another.

Manufacturers like Demask, Trés Bonjour, LatexAS, Latexa, Bizarre-Lifestyle, Rosengarn, Elastic Dreams, Favor-Kicks or LatexLine have recognized the advantages and make good use of our service for their factory-new goods. The own-brands of Beate Uhse as well as Orion can be processed as well without a hitch.

Your very own latex wear and toys can be improved to Silky Latex as well!

The Demask Dortmund team, under the supervision of Graduate Engineer and inventor of Silky Latex Jens Vogt, has already processed more than 6,000 items for more than 800 happy customers. Nearly all latex products are improvable without any problems. The customer will be made aware beforehand should any problems arise.

To give everybody the chance to experience the unbelievable feeling of Silky Latex on the skin, Demask Dortmund provides the following special offer for the 5th anniversary of Silky Latex:

Between July 1st and August 3rd 2013, Demask offers a 25% reduction on all improvements! If you visit Demask in Dortmund on the occasion of the world Silky Latex day on the 3rd of August you’ll additionally receive a bottle of latex detergent from the new brand “Wondercare” to every improvement or purchase.

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