Back from my Heavy Rubber Trip to Costa Rica


I’m back from heavy rubber trip to Costa Rica. Traveling from Frankfurt, the journey was really long to arrive at the destination in Costa Rica. The flight from Frankfurt to Santo Domingo was 11:00 hours long. After a 2 hours break at 4:00am in Santo Domingo the trip went on for 3:00 hours to San Jose. Maybe you can imagine how heavy this journey is, when you have to wear under your normal clothes rubber dildo pants. I was always sitting with my butt in my sweat and I was unable to remove the pants in the plane. What should I say, what I’m packing into my cabin luggage 😉 ? So a good rubberdoll stands her doll and goes through hardly!

In Costa Rica arrived it was 7:00am. The sun was already very high and the temperatures as well. I was driven from a personal driver to the location, where I’ve stayed for three long heavy rubber weeks. Well, it was a huge villa in the middle of nowhere. The Costa Rica jungle! From the normal road we had to drive over 45 minutes over very steep roads which only a 4×4 wheel drive could handle to the villa. The vegetation was fascinating. Animals were not too much on the eye, but you could hear them. It was very impressive. And it was scary too, because I was going to stay the time in rubber in the jungle. Anyone would ever find me there. It was like one of my phantasies became real and it was even better then in my phantasy.

After passing a huge gate like the one you have seen maybe in the movie „Jurassic Park“, it took again another 45 minutes to arrive finally. But after this long journey, the view from the top of the jungle over the pacific was it worth! I’ll never forget this. It burned deep into my brain and also the following 3 weeks! What I have done so far there you will be able to see in some videos and pictures in the next weeks in my Member-Zone. So better get a member yet. You can subscribe via Stripe, Gumroad (PayPal payment) or CCBill. So be a part of the wildest and most bizarre time in life!

Yours Emma

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