Becoming a living rubber sex doll

Wohnzimmer 396x

When she agreed to suit up in this catsuit she doesn’t had all facts what will happen with her. Now she was inside and it was too late to complain. On a final note because it was not just possible. In her mouth was a massive custom made penis gag of her client. Small custom made silicone earplugs made her totally deaf. She couldn’t see and finally the wireless electric valves in her nose could be closed with a remote control whenever he wanted it. She was transformed into a real living rubber sex doll. She was still a rubberwhore when she started to dress up, but in her wildest dreams she couldn’t imagine this. She knows he had the financial ressources to leave her like that for days, weeks or month but she was not affraid at all staying like that. To the contrary she felt horny and naughty and was waiting to be used for what she was made and concepted with her huge silicone boobs and all rubberized body. It made “click” in her nose and within miliseconds she wasn’t able to breath in or out anymore. Almost in the same moment she felt like air touched her all wet crotch. A hard cock started to penetrate her, but she wasn’t still able to breath. The situation made her even more and more horny. She got fucked hard and harder. Still no air. She started to moan heavily into this massive penis gag in the hope he will open the nose valves, but he did not. He fucked her without break. Her hands, which were trapped in inflatable bondage mittens went to her face but she wasn’t able to do anything against her rubberprison. She started to beat on his body, but he seems to ignore that first. It made again “click” and she could take a deep breath of air, while she was still fucked and even in the moment she wanted to breath out to take another deep breath the valve closed again. Moments later she got the best orgasm ever in her entire life and also her client cums in that moment. Her nose opend again and she could breath deep in and out. She was so happy, horny and naughty and afraid in the same time. It was the rubber sex she ever had. Some minutes later he tried to unlock her catsuit on the back, but she was shaking her head. In the same moment the nose made click again and felt like she was fucked again. Her destiny became reality, she was living her dreams and was used as a living rubber sex doll!

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Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World