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Will force you from one orgasm to another and will try to get one or two for myself too

Bondage 261

“What an awesome rubber creature you are. Two rubberized pussies and a rubberass to be filled with cold and hard metal now. I think I will have so much fun filling and treat you Rubberwhore! Will force you from one orgasm to another and will try to get one or two for myself too!” MEMBER-ZONE SALE PROLONGED!: #rubber #rubberdoll …

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Daily outfit on Costa Rica!

MVI 8123Standbild004

My daily outfit in Comtesse Larissa’s tropical villa in Costa Rica with my custom made Rubber’s Finest hood with lenses over the eyes, mouth feature and 3cm long nose tubes. Very horny and so kinky!

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Vlcsnap 2017 01 30 10h43m28s835

“The Rubberdoll realized that she was trapped in a cold dark cellar, while her whole body was inside a one piece rubberprison. Everything was attached to this suit: mask, gloves, socks even the rubberpussy with internal sheeting for all openings was attached. Over the catsuit she felt the shackles and collar, made of metal it would hold her for ever …

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The Blowjob Helmet

Blowjob Helmet

“Rubberwhore gets her Blowjob gag installed onto the very restrictive bondage helmet which becomes the “Blowjob Helmet”. With the dark eyes goggles she is totally blind and every dick she sucks is a new surprise and enjoyment!” ❤️

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…put your head up rubberdoll…

Transparent Rubber 03

„Come’on hold your head up or do I have to adjust the screw under your chin? Head up, Boobs out #rubberdoll.“

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…all day standing on your ballet boots…

Transparent Rubber 01

„I could leave you all day standing on your ballet boots, tight laced in your corset and neck corset. Or maybe should I penetrate your rubbered holes?“ #latex #rubber #bdsm #fetish #emmalee #dominatrix #inflatable #hood #corset #balletboots Summer End Sale!!! I will give all fans the chance to become a member. SUBSCRIBE this weekend and you will get for 29 …

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Great Cage @Lady Riva’s Dungeon


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White corsets to be put on…


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Preparing for Kinky Beats Party in Cologne

20121013 221923 E1350216935695

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Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World