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Bouncing Boobs & Heatwave


Even when it’s hot and sunny outside I’m wearing rubber and latex because I love it and it’s my fetish! Can’t live without that material on my skin! So done some days before during the heatwave in Europe and I was wearing also two masks at the same time! Very hot!!! Look what it looks like when pulling one of …

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Special toilet

Gummi Klo

When I was young I had the fantasy that my holes where sealed with rubber and special valves and I had to use a special toilet to empty and clean myself!! Well years later I’m a rubberwhore, wearing rubber and chastity belt and using a special toilet to shower my holes 😉 … Be careful with your fantasies 😉

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I’m back!


2019 started as a great year, then I had to go through some private losses and a very hard time! There were many people, friends, fans and clients around me who helped me out through this very hard time of the year! Finally I feel ready to come back and enjoy more rubber then ever before!! I can’t await it …

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My new My-Steel chastity belt arrived

20190320 102632

“My new My-Steel chastity belt arrived and I’m so happy about this nice toy! I will be wearing it day and night over and under my latex! Just an awesome feeling. More videos and photos will be published in the members-zone now!” Join Now for 30 days with PayPal

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My new Ultima Sack by Demask

IMG 20190314 WA0006a

“My personal horny RUBBERMAID made me this awesome inflatable rubbe bondage bag as a birthday present – the Demask Ultima Sack! I couldn’t wait to try it out and was put in bondage bag with attached E-Stim device and totally dressed up in rubber catsuit and corset. Just an awesome feeling. More videos and photos will be published in the …

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Pissbag Action!


In 2019 it’s time for more pissbag action. So I guess the best view and even the best taste will be directly between my legs. For that I recommend you to make an appointment with me and one of the Rubber Mistresses I work with!! Let’s start a pervy and kinky 2019! #rubberdollemma #rubberdollemmalee #‎latex‬ ‪#‎mistress‬ ‪#‎fetish‬ ‪#‎bdsm‬ ‪#‎bondage‬ ‪#‎heavyrubber‬ …

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New Instagram account


Just a short notice if you are on Instagram and asked yourself where my account @rubberdollemma78 is. Well, it was disabled from Instagram because terms blabla. I will use my backup account now on I would be very happy if you, when you use Instagram will give me a like and/or a short notice on my stories and pics. …

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Heavy Rubber Calendar 2019


Laden… Laden… Laden…

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Another 3 days rubberized in a hotel

Awesome Lifet

Again I had a wonderful experience with one of my client in a croatian hotel at the coast whille I was encased for 3 long days and nights in rubber. And yes, I mean heavy rubber encasement from head to toe. No cotton or naked phase! Only rubber, rubber, rubber! Sure I changed a lot my outfits as it was …

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Happy Birthday Rubberwhore!


It’s September 3rd and on this date your favorite rubberwhore and rubberdoll has BIRTHDAY! Feel free to send me wishes and messages, pictures and fantasies to my mail and also I’m happy to receive amazon vouchers on this mail or fullfil me some wishes from my Wishlist BIG THANK YOU AND SMooches! Yours Emma

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Inflatable Dildo Diving

20171030 075450

Two more days left of my rubberwhore / divewhore experience and it’s super interesting and I love it :kiss: Yesterdays dives with inflatables were really interesting. The second time I inflated the dildos in me over my personal limit. Felt really strange to jump into the water filled like that. And finally needed 2kg more weights otherwise diving wasn’t possible. …

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VacBed facesitting with Mistress Velvet

Vlcsnap 2018 06 29 09h03m31s559

Vacbed Facesitting from The PervyDoll on Vimeo. Thursday I was used by Mistress Velvet all day in the dungeon, because Lady Evelyn is still in holidays. Mistress Velvet had a really heavy training plan for me. First I was encased for some hours in the vacbed, while she was busy doing her sessions with her guests. After that I was …

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Presummer 11

Pre-SUMMER SALE 2018! If you think that the World Cup is boring and you need some more intersting stuff to watch! Get your membership on this page and enjoy your fetish membership for 30 days! – for only €20.00! Pre-SUMMER SALE 2018! If you think that the World Cup is boring and you need some more intersting stuff to watch! …

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I was banned from Instagram, but I’m back!


Well, it happened again . Someone has reported me and Instagram removed my account for sexual explicit reasons. They even didn’t asked if I would love to remove it. No, just killed me! I’m not sure if it’s good to give this people so much power over this. But finally they have it. However, I’m back! You can’t delete me …

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Rubberdoll used as a seat…

Vlcsnap 2017 06 01 16h41m42s286

She was restrained on the sm lounger and was put through a special hole in the wall. So her rubber encased body was in the room while her head was in the corridor usable for everyone as a seat. She was for hours like this and counted 8 different butts which were using her head as seat. It was the …

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