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18cm Hoof Sole Heelless Fetish


increased ground contact surface for more stability than stiletto version & 4 real lockable straps (keys are required to take the boots on/off) & each individual padlock comes with 3 keys (total of 4 locks & 12 keys) & no side zip & seller is not responsible for injury caused by wearing the shoes. Hello my wonderful fans and members!

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Our signature inflatable mega boob playsuit has individual inflatable boobs to eroticize your fantasies. The attractive bust detailing and options of a concealed 2-way zip with 3 pullers will make this a sure hit for any enthusiast. Gloves (in some pictures) and spikey collar are not included. Hello my wonderful fans and members!

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Latex Gift Voucher’s – Dress Ur Favorite Rubberdoll


As you may or may not have noticed, I wear a lot of latex. In order to keep up with content production for this site as well as my own latex lifestyle, I am always in need of latex peices – large or small. However, as it is such a tricky material to work with, made to measure is preferable. …

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The bondage helmet is made from 2+ mm thick latex and reinforced with boning. It is attachable to the COR 13 and the COR 20 by buckles at the front and back sides of the corset and then laced up the back for a snug and restrictive fit. The helmet comes with hair protection. Hello my wonderful fans and members!

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HW-Design HOOD 56 – Hood with pony tail

Hood 56

One of the fetish classics. Black rubber hood with rubber ponytail. Made by HW-Design it is the best hood ever. With lockable zip for the kinky rubberdoll. Hello my wonderful fans and members!

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Rubber Vac Cube by Rubber Eva Shop

Vacbed Given Away

The perfect hard-core bondage box. This rubber vacuum cube comes complete with frame and measures 1m x 1m x 1m. It has a small breathing hole for you to put either a tube or breath through gag. Back zip entry with protection flaps and a vacuum porthole. Also available without the frame and cheaper shipping costs. Hello my wonderful fans …

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Latex Catsuit Devilicious by

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Here comes the next highlight, a bizarre latex catsuit with a three-color style, the one and only Total Enclosure Condom Catsuit in a unique special design from the Latexcrazy designers. The beautiful girl from London presents this latex catsuit Devilicious with condoms with proud. She weared this awesome latex catsuit for a while and use it for their videos and …

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This Bondage Armbinder Special is meant for very bizarre Total Control Games. Well it was between christmas and New Year last year when I was in Munich and during a session a guy asked me if I have an armbinder. I was very sad that I did not had one.

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Inflatable Rubber Doll Catsuit by RubberEva

Dream Suit

A full length leotard line rubber catsuit with inflatable parts. It has inflatable biceps, tits and thighs each with separate valve. It has a full length through crotch back zip and is trimmed in a contrasting colour. The tits have a smooth internal plug for absolute comfort. Available in Male or Female fit. Pictured here with matching inflatable ball mitts …

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HW-Design Pussy Pants

Hwd Moese

Hello my wonderful fans and members! HW-Design Pussy Pant made of 0.4 or 0.5mm latex with moulded pussy and additional anus (standard version only with latex ring around anus). This model is in black/ skin and with vaginal and anal inlay (moulded penis form). Dimensions of inlays: vaginal (4,5cm ratio, 11cm length), anal (4cm ratio, 13cm length)

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Inflatable Frilly Rubber Bloomers


Super curvy inflatable bloomers with thick waistband and internal invisible valve. They come just above the knee which is finished of with a cute row of frills. The pair pictured has a vaginal ring and arse zip but you can change the options to suit in the drop down menus. Hello my wonderful fans and members!

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Long Sleeved Back Zip Rubber Leotard


A multi-panel long sleeve leotard cut high across the hips. It has a 3 way through crotch back zip. Pictured here in Transparent Cloud with Black Trim. Hello my wonderful fans and members!

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3mm Red Anatomical Latex Mask with lockable Zip

Studiogum Wish

Latex face mumification. This anatomical mask has a fixed mouth-lining, nose-lining and glasses. Dipped in pure natural latex. To prevent your hair get caught, the zipper is underlaid with hair protection. The mask configuration is made to measure, 3mm thick, 10cm nose lining, dark glasses and lockable zipper. Hello my wonderful fans and members!

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HW-Design Neck Corset 12 for COR13

Neck Corset 12

The NECK CORSET 12 with rolled top and bottom ideally complements corset 13 and corset 20. You can wear it also individually – just remove the connection straps. This neck corset comes with a gag, which is easily removable and exchangeable.

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COR13 Combination Corset by HW-Design


You can use the Paypal button below, to make this a present for me. As soon as you paid the item, the button will become INACTIVE! So that you will know that this item was purchased already and that YOU are the happy exclusive buyer and sponsor which will get the special conditions! The best thing, you don’t need to …

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