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Can I join also with PayPal to The PervyDoll Member-Zone?

Yes, finally it is possible to join the member-zone with all credit cards and PayPal using Gumroad payment processor. This also brings INSTANT ACCESS to the site. So there is no waiting time until you can access the member area. You can join on the JOIN NOW site in the section „Alternative Payment Methods“:


I have just joined but my password does not work?

The most common reason for a non-working username/password is false typing. Both, usercode and passcode are case-sensitive, e.g. you need to type it exactly as shown in your members email which confirmed your membership and was sent from CCBill or personal from me as PDF to you (use the same upper- and lower-case characters). Please make sure not to hit the caps lock key while typing your usercode/passcode.

Another reason can be that your membership was not approved yet. If so, please try to email to iam@pervydoll.com and give a short reminder that your account is still awaiting authorization. You don’t need to be afraid you will get all days access you booked. You are not losing anything!

My password has worked for a while, but now it doesn’t anymore. I get an „Authorization required“ screen?

Your membership has probably expired or there has been a problem with charging your credit card (failed rebill). Please email your information to iam@pervydoll.com for a quick check!

I forgot my password.

Please email your information to iam@pervydoll.com for a quick check! In the most situations I can check this faster as the payment processor does.

My transaction was DECLINED, what should I do?

If your credit card transaction was DECLINED, please try the following:

  • Did you used a MasterCard with CCBill? If so, this won’t work. Sorry! If you like to join with MasterCard, you can use Stripe or Gumroad/PayPal. Both are on the Join Now! site in the section „Alternative Payment Methods“
  • Did you fill out all of the fields on the order form?
  • Did you enter the correct expiration date?
  • Did you remove any spaces or dashes in your credit card number or phone number?
  • Did you enter your full and complete email address?
  • Are you currently in the country where your credit card was issued?
  • Do you have sufficient funds on your credit card or bank account?

If all your answers are YES on above questions, please email your information to iam@pervydoll.com for a quick check!

Due to security reasons and to prevent duplicate transactions you are only able to attempt a transaction once every 10 minutes. Therefore, please wait at least 10 minutes before submitting your information again.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you purchased your membership via CCBill and has chosen the ReBilling Option, you probably will be rebilled every month with a very low and every month discounted fee. This is the cheapest membersip you can chose. However if you wish not to be billed again and would like to cancel a membership or subscription, please go to your mail you have got from CCBill with your password. All information about canceling are added there.

Where can I find my membership information?

If you wish to get your membership info please email to iam@pervydoll.com.

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