Heavy Rubber KGB Torture

April 9, 2018

What happend?

I was visiting a friend of mine in London. She was fresh married to her husband, which was a bankier in a huge bank house in London. We were just sitting in the kitchen and preparing breakfast, when it happened. Some guys dressed with black masks storm into the house. They had kalashnikovs and they spoke very bad russian english…

…my friend was trying to reach her cellphone, when they shot her down. I was like paralized and couldn’t move. Then it got dark in my inner eyes and I felt like my body felt asleep. When I woke up, I found myself in a dark room. I could recognize a cage and some very strange smell, which turned me really on. It was rubber and then I saw myself in the huge wall mirro. I was dressed from head to toe in black heavy rubber. I did not know why, but this tight feeling of the rubber material turned me really on. Then a tall and very dominant female dressed in a green rubber dress entered the room.

„Ah, you woke up! Finally, I was waiting already hours for that. Have you seen where you are? Have you understood what you are? Give me the codes and you can go back into the normal life!“ she said in broken russian english too. Same like the men in my friends house. „What codes? I don’t know anything about codes and why I’m dressed like a rubberslave?“ I stumbled. „BECAUSE, YOU ARE ONE NOW!“ was the short and very arrogant and dominant answer of the green lady. „I have no codes!“

„I’m not sure if you have realized the situation right. Let me explain it for you again. You are here 5 metres under the earth in a secret dungeon. There is only one exit and entrance to this place. Your body was glued into this black heavy rubber suit. Do you feel your feet already? No? They are glued intoth this very bizarre ballet boots. Finally I’m not sure if you ever will be able to walk with them. Under all this nice rubber I have removed every little hair on your body.“ -„WHAT?!“ I screamed loud out. „You what???“ „Yes, you are naked like a slug under this rubber. And I have removed also your fingerprints permanently. If you don’t give me the codes, the next step will be to remove all your teeth and put in a rubber mouth into your little bitch hole!“

Tearfully I was looking into her face in the huge mirror and repeated „I have no codes. I’m the wrong girl!“ then I started crying. „Crying will not help you! Well maybe after this next treatments you will come to the decision that it is better to give me the codes, then staying here as my rubber slave girl!“ Then she started to add steel ropes to my ankles and stretched them…

Emma Lee

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  • Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World