Heavy Rubber Playtime Pt4

Heavy Rubber PlayTime – Part 4

October 8 | 08:06 min. Pervy-HD-Video

What happend?

I was trapped for hours in the vacbed and lost totally control about myself and even how long I was in this vacbed isolated. I just remember that the Baroness dressed me up with a ballhood and corset, when it went dark. When I woke up I couldn’t move anymore. It felt for me like I was inside for ages…

…then I heard those so long missed heels klicking on the floor. Something streaked my breast and my right side over my leg. Then I felt the hand of the Baroness on my right boob. It was like I was awake from standby mode. My body gots horny within seconds and asked for more stimulation.

The Baroness came on the vacbed and sat down on me. Her hands went over my latex encased and vacuumized body. She was touching my hips and waist and then she started to stimulate my boobs again. It was incredible hot and horny what I felt in these moments. It’s just pure sex, even if it doesn’t looks like this. Some moments later I also felt a hard metal dildo was put on my belly. I knew it was a metal dildo. I felt the weigth and I had it already so often in my pussy before.

I wished me that the metal dildo will be put inside me, but I also knew there was double layers of latex over my pussy and my rubberpussy which was strapped also on the corset, before I was trapped in the vacbed. But I felt how the Baroness was playing and between our pussies with it. She streaked mine and then her pussy and it was like the situation got more and more loaded…

After some time playing with me in the vacbed, the Baroness decided to unpack and dress me up to play with me. I was laced into my black COR13 corset from HW-Design with the very restrictive bondage helmet. Then Baroness tried to insert my blowjob mouth gag, but she finally did not liked it so much. Instead of that she put me my face pussy harness on the head and transformed my mouth into a rubberized face pussy.

First her rubberized fingers entered my face pussy, then later she decided to try out her new metall dildos on all my holes. She inserted them deep into my facepussy and licked and sucked the other end herself. Then she took another metal dildo with a lot of small balls and she inserted into my rubberized face pussy. She has put the dildo deep into my throat and I had to hold them like this, but also she blocked my only way to breath with it.

But finally this wasn’t the all treatment at all. She decided to show me for what all these hooks and my bondage helmet were made for. She got your ropes and ordered me to kneel on the bed in my ballet booted feet. Then she started to bondage me on the ceiling. First a rope was put through the D-ring on attached on the middle of my head and fixed to the hook above me. Then she did all the ropes and D-rings symetric which were attached to the bondage helmet. At the final end, my arms were spreaded and also bondaged with ropes to the hooks on the ceiling. I was totally helpless in bondage trouble on the bed and couldn’t even touch myself and for sure I wasn’t able to reach the ropes to untie myself.

So it happened again, what was so clear it will happen. The Baroness started to penetrate my facepussy again with her metal dildos. She inserted it totally in my wet facepussy and the she left the dungeon with the words „You will have to hold this heavy dildo for at least one hour in your facepussy, slut!“.

Emma Lee

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  • Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World