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Heavy Rubber Pool Play Session

May 23, 2013 | 80 HD-Photos

I was visiting Mitress Dominique la Mer one summer in her private domicile in south France and was wondering how cool a heavy rubber session in a cold pool could be!

When I arrived in Mistress Dominique la Mer’s summer residence I was rubbered up by Dominique for a whole week. This lovely summer day in South France, I was sitting bondaged in the garden and staring through my small holes of the mask into the landscpae which was very nice and the Mediterranean smell was in the air I was breathing. But something very pervy and special was preparing to disturb the silence and peace. The Mistress came out and took me away. She polished my latex outfit for the upcoming shooting with the french star photographer Christophe Mourthé.

Some minutes later I was packed into the trunk of her huge Jeep. She opened my mask from the morning and put a huge rubber dildo gag into my mouth. After that I got a red mask on with a black painted face and very small holes to watch. There was no hole over my mouth. After a long and hot ride in the trunk of Mistress’s Jeep we arrived at a park similar area, because I heard the small stones under the tires of the car. The trunk opened and two huge men were standing in front of me.

„Be careful with her! She is filled up with three huge rubber dildos, don’t touch her in the crotch I don’t want the Rubberdoll to cum now!“, Mistress was screaming to the two guys. The guys brought me to the pool, while Mistress was dressing in the small house. It lasted very long and the hot sun was burning me under the rubber. I thought I was losing more water then in the pool was. Whenever I tried to make some steps into the shadow, the two guys brought me back into the hot sun. I realised Mistresses plan was to burn me into the extreme rubber outfit. Then she came across the small path…

…I entered the pool and it was such a nice feeling to swim in this cool water. I think deep inside all loved it. :)

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    Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World