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Heavy Rubber Vacuumbed Session

March 28 | 9:00 min. Pervy-HD-Video

I had a session request by e-mail for a wonderful heavy rubber session in Düsseldorf and I was in contact with the person for some days to discuss everything in detail. A vaccuumbed should be the main part of the session and my guest should be inside of it, of course. After we had talked about all the details we made a date to meet up for the fantastic session on a saturday evening. I packed all my rubber gear and tools and toys into 3 big suitcases and went to the dungeon…

…but what then happend was not planed that way. I opened the door and Mistress Dominique la Mer was infront of me. She was already rubbered up in her black transparent catsuit. She smiled to me and said: „Do you have everything with you we spoke about?“ I realized in this moment, that not me is having a session now with ma guest, but she will have a session with me as her Rubberdoll. „Come I help you with the suitcases!“ Mistress Dominique la Mer took one of the three suitcases and brought them into the dungeon. We had a small conversation about our email correspondence when she said: „Come on PussyDoll, put your rubber on, I will start with the vaccuumbed.“

…I started to dress up in my black rubber outfit. Slowly I slide into my rubber catsuit and pulled it over the shoulders. With my lanyard I closed the backzipper myself and started to lace my black rubber corset. One hour later I was fully enclosed in my rubber and was shined up perfectly. I went downstairs to playground. It was a great S/M dungeon with a huge throne and a wonderful bed with a special custom made pillory system and a lot of other great S/M toys and furniture. On the bed the vaccuumbed was already ready for me. What happend then you better look in the video…

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    Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World