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Inflatable RubberBag Piss Therapy with Dominique la Mer

January 20, 2013 | ~15:30 min. Video

Dominique la Mer was searching some masks for the next session. I have seen that and put my rubberized head between the masks on the mask wall. She finally find my heavy rubberized head and have chosen it. Very soft and senusal she touched my rubber skin.

Then she pressed my head between her gorgeous boobs. They were also in rubber and I really enjoyed my to feel her rubberized boobs on my totally rubberized face. Her rubber fingers touched my rubberdoll face and then am not sure if it was a dream or it was real what happened…

Dominique put me into an inflatable rubber bondage bag and inflated it. I was wearing a full gasmask hood and was lying in front of the huge mirror wall in the Rubberdoll Training Room. Helpless encased in the inflated rubber I was only able to watch what she were doing. I saw that The Mistress brought the breathing therapy toy with her. She opened her crotch zippers of her latex leggings and started to piss inside the glass cylinders…

I knew that she was not doing it just because she had to go to toilet. Some seconds later I saw how she started to connect my breathing valve on the gasmask with the cylinders full of piss. Everytime I breath in, I had to breath „piss air“. I was totally helpless and couldn’t do anything against this „Breathing Piss Therapy“…

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  • VIDEO DURATION: 15:30 minutes
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