June 2012

Ice Lock Pt3

The Ice-Lock Bondage – Part 3

November 4 | 10:33 min. Pervy-HD-Video

Almost one hour later mistress removed the metal bar from my ass and inserted an electro stimulation in my pussy which was remote controlled. ... I saw myself trapped in that, sexually under total control and forced to orgasm without being able to touch myself. I was just degraded to a rubberized sex toy waiting on Mistresses mercy to give me the orgasm I so wanted...

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Rubberpisstherapy Pt1

Rubber Piss Therapy – Part 1

October 20 | 10:40 min. Pervy-HD-Video

The Mistress left me hanging like that for some minutes while she was preparing the piss therapy bottle. You know, she finally pissed in through her nice opened crotch zipper. I so wanted to touch and lick it, what I've seen as my rubberized pussy got wet and horny while watching this...

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Heavy Rubber Playtime Pt4

Heavy Rubber PlayTime – Part 4

October 8 | 08:06 min. Pervy-HD-Video

So it happened again, what was so clear it will happen. The Baroness started to penetrate my facepussy again with her metal dildos. She inserted it totally in my wet facepussy and the she left the dungeon with the words "You will have to hold this heavy dildo for at least one hour in your facepussy, slut!"...

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Tropical Rubber Pt3

Tropical Heavy Rubber Kidnapping Pt3

September 19 | 09:36 min. Pervy-HD-Video

We went into the garden, where we saw the guy. He was also dressed up in rubber from head to toe, sitting on his pool and reading a book. Comtesse Larissa made him some nice eyes and it looked like he was horny on her because he doesn't asked what she was doing in his house but was interested in her leather boots...

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Satnight Pt2

Saturday Night Ecstasis Complete

August 28 | 28:44 min. Pervy-HD-Video

...go to the rubber cellar. I will send you the combination of the key safe via SMS. Find the key with your name on it and remove the chastity belt. Then go and dress up from top to toe into black rubber. I want to see you wearing your red HW-Design COR13 corset and for sure your blowjob mouthgag and ballet boots...

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Pillory Bondage Pt3

The Pillory Bondage – Part 3

August 16 | 13:02 min. Pervy-HD-Video

She bondaged my feet and legs to the lounger, because notches were too small with the boots on and then she started to punish me with eletro shocks which went directly through my complete lower body from one dildo to another. This was first really horny and made me hot but as more she increased the voltage the more painful this treatment became...

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