June 2012

Breathplay Bondage Pt3

Breathplay in Total Bondage Catsuit – Pt 3

June 12 | 18:50 min. Pervy-HD-Video

My body asked for air but there was no fresh air anylonger in the bag. My brain started to release hormones which made me naughty and horny more and more again...

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The Super Boomer – Pt1

May 10 | 07:40 min. Pervy-HD-Video

Between my legs there was the fucking machine and also the magic wand holder. First she positioned the magic wand on my pussy and started it, while the fucking machine was still in place and ready to fuck out my brain once I was horny as hell. But this was not enough for her. She also pushed me an double dildo electrode into my ass and connected it to the E-Stim device...

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Sunday Pt1

Sunday Pussy Vibration Pt1

April 30 | 06:00 min. Pervy-HD-Video

...My long breathing tube and the rebreather bag are my best friend on the way to an outstanding orgasm. Seems I'm a real perv, but when I can't breath I get wet as a waterfall between my legs. Well, in this case I was rubberized too.

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Asmondena Pt2

Rubberwhore’s Dildo Penetration Pt2

April 17 | 16:25 min. Pervy-HD-Video

...Lady Asmondena came on the idea to warm me up a little bit and to introduce my pussy to her hard and huge rubberdildos. I sat down on the gynchair, spready my legs and exposed my rubberized sex for the Mistress. She went a little bit around me to realize what a great rubberwhore she was having infront of her, to use and abuse!

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Heavy Rubber KGB Torture

April 9, 2018

"I'm not sure if you have realized the situation right. Let me explain it for you again. You are here 5 metres under the earth in a secret dungeon. There is only one exit and entrance to this place. Your body was glued into this black heavy rubber suit. Do you feel your feet already? No? They are glued intoth this very bizarre ballet boots. Finally I'm not sure if you ever will be able to walk with them. Under all this nice rubber I have removed every little hair on your body." -"WHAT?!" I screamed loud out. "You what???" "Yes, you are naked like a slug under this rubber. And I have removed also your fingerprints permanently. If you don't give me the codes, the next step will be to remove all your teeth and put in a rubber mouth into your little bitch hole!"

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Tropical Rubber Pt5

Tropical Heavy Rubber Kidnapping Pt5

March 18 | 37:11 min. Pervy-HD-Video

We went into the garden, where we saw the guy. He was also dressed up in rubber from head to toe, sitting on his pool and reading a book. Comtesse Larissa made him some nice eyes and it looked like he was horny on her because he doesn't asked what she was doing in his house but was interested in her leather boots...

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