June 2012

Locked Pt1

Locked in Rubber – Pt1

May 12 | 06:40 min. Pervy-HD-Video

I wasn't able to undress myself alone. The rubber was so heavy and I wasn't able to pull it down. I tried over 30 minutes to get out, when I realized, that I will have to spent the night in it. No problem at all for me. I took my E-Stim device, my ballhood with rebreathing bag and my ballet boots...

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Chastity Belt

Rubberwhore in Chastity Belt

March 30 | 06:15 min. Pervy-HD-Video

Rubberwhore is wearing the first day her own chastity belt by My-Steel and she is totally enjoying her heavy rubber encasement and the cold steel holding her trapped in the rubber but also in chastity!

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The Super Boomer – Pt3

March 17 | 12:29 min. Pervy-HD-Video

Finally it was a feeling like your head was put in a soft bench. I couldn't rotate my head or see the rest of my bound and rubberized body on the chair. I only saw Lady Evelyn's glittering eyes, happy about the new Super Boomer and me being totally helpless bound on it. As a Total Control freak, Lady Evelyn had some very naughty ideas what she wants to do with me in this position...

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Rubberwhore Fucktoy Pt1

Rubberwhore becomes a FUCKTOY – Pt1

February 14 | 06:20 min. Pervy-HD-Video

Rubberwhore was dressed into her new rubberprison from fantastic rubber and bound in the dungeon on the Super Boomer gynchair. She wasn't able to undress and finally Mistress had some cruel and naughty plans with her Rubberwhore

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Bigboobs Self 01

Rubberwhore’s Self-Enjoyment Pt1

January 24 | 06:03 min. Pervy-HD-Video

After some minutes of very hard stretching and lubbing ruberwhore was finally in her rubberprison catsuit. Both knew that it will be impossible to undress this suit alone, especially for the Rubberwhore herself. So Mistress started to finish the rubberprison with a mouth feature mask and some metal collars around neck and arms. After she was ready she smiled into Rubberwhore's face "You know that you will spend the like this, isn't it?"....

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Boomer Electro Pt2

Super Boomer Electro Penetration Pt2

December 27 | 16:53 min. Pervy-HD-Video

After some hours of play in the vacbed, Mistress had some other ideas for having fun with the rubberwhore. She opened the vacbed and bound her living rubberdoll on her new Super Boomer gynchair by Style-Fetish. Her hands and even her fingers were bound on the chair. The head was bondaged with the head bondage device. The rubberwhore got a bipolar metall electro dildo into her pussy and was connected to the new remote controlled electro toy. The fun for Mistress started...

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