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RubberPussy in the Pool with Dominique la Mer

January 2, 2013 | 40 HD-Photos

I was visiting Mitress Dominique la Mer one summer in her private domicile in south France and was wondering how cool a heavy rubber session in a cold pool could be!

It was a lovely summer day in South France. The landscpae was very nice and the Mediterranean smell was in the air we were breathing. But something very pervy and special was preparing to disturb the silence and peace in the area. I was polishing my latex outfit for the upcoming shooting with french star photographer Christophe Mourthé and the awesome Mistress Dominique la Mer.

In the early evening we packed everything into the Jeep from the photographer and went to a special place. It was like a huge park. So nice and peaceful and there was also a wonderful huge pool and a small pool house. We entered the small house in which we were able to dress up into the heavy rubber outfit with the extreme heavy rubberpussy mouth mask. When I was leaving the house and walked through the park to the pool, all people visiting were even more silent and stared on me. It was like I was an alien or even more worste. I think most people in this small place never ever have seen such a perversion and now it was directly infront of them.

I entered the pool and it was such a nice feeling to swim in this warm water, while a douzen of people were watching me. It was so nice and shocking but I must say anyone of the visitors have even said a word. I think deep inside they all loved it. :)

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