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Transparent Maid

July 6, 2012


I was trasnformed from Mistress Sandra into transparent Rubbermaid and had to try her newest toys for her e-shop!

I was alone with Mistress Sandra in her dungeon during my visit in Vienna. She decided to transform me into her transparent rubbered maid and to try on her new inflatable rubber ball mask she created herself some days before I arrived. First I had to dress up in my transparent rubber pussy leggings and my special made „RubberEva“ rubber top. Yes you red it right. The top am wearing in this series is the one the legend fetish girl RubberEva from UK has worn for some shootings with HW-Design and Marquis.

But before I had to try on her new inflatable ballmask, she rubbered my mouth with an internal rubber mouth lining and penetrated my wholes with hard rubber cocks. While she was searching for more dildos, she found another new toy she invented. The new system belt. Usually you have the option to buckle different dildos in your crotch on the COR13 corset, but when you are not wearing a COR13 corset, you need the system belt. This was a thick rubber belt, with the possibility to lock different dildos in my crotch so that they couldn’t be removed by myself. I was the first to test if everything fits perfectly!

After she rubbered all my wholes and filled them with hard rubber dildos, she tested the new inflatable ballhood. IT was an awesome and horny rubber day with Mistres Sandra in her test-dungeon. Enjoy this great picture series. xo Emma

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Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World