Tropical Rubber Pt5

Tropical Heavy Rubber Kidnapping Pt5

March 18 | 37:11 min. Pervy-HD-Video

What happend?

As mentioned in my blog already some weeks before I was visiting this April Comtesse Larissa in her new tropical villa in Costa Rica for a 3 weeks heavy rubber holiday. In Costa Rica arrived it was 7:00am. The sun was already very high and the temperatures as well. I was driven from a personal driver to the location with my 2 huge 32kg heavy suitcases full of rubber.

Well, it was a huge villa in the middle of nowhere. The Costa Rica jungle! From the normal road we had to drive over 45 minutes over very steep roads which only a 4×4 wheel drive could handle to the villa. The vegetation was fascinating. Animals were not too much on the eye, but you could hear them. It was very impressive. And it was scary too, because I was going to stay the time in rubber in the jungle. Anyone would ever find me there. It was like one of my phantasies became real and it was even better then in my phantasy. The weather was hot and humidity high and finally it was still early in the morning and I asked myself, how I will survive this trip in total rubber? I had two suitcases full of stuff, but no bikini’s or panties or anything from cotton. After passing a huge gate like the one in „Jurassic Park“, it took again another 45 minutes to arrive finally. But after this long journey, the view from the top of the jungle over the pacific was worth this trip!

Comtesse Larissa was awaiting me. She was already dressed up in black latex and showed me my room. It was a huge dark room and dungeon. The door was hidden behind a huge mirror in her private bathroom. She ordered me to unpack my stuff and to put everything nicely in place. After that to dress up in my total black rubber outfit with COR13 corset and Rubber’s Finest mouth feature mask, because she has a special plan for today: kidnapping a guy from his villa down near the pacific. Luckily the dungeon room was full air-conditioned so dressing up was easy and also waiting on the Mistress as the door hasn’t had any knob to open from inside.

After a while the Comtesse came and picked me up. We went down the stairs of her villa and her driver brought us to the guys house. The Hilux had very dark glasses so anyone saw us in our total rubber outfit driving. At the house arrived the Comtesse opened the window and used a spray on the pin pad of the gate. After some seconds you saw the 4 numbers white glowing in the sun to open the gate. It was very easy to find the PIN now and so after the second try the gate opened.

We went into the garden, where we saw the guy. He was also dressed up in rubber from head to toe, sitting on his pool and reading a book. Comtesse Larissa made him some nice eyes and it looked like he was horny on her because he doesn’t asked what she was doing in his house but was interested in her leather boots. In this moment I used my chance to put a red rubber bag over his head and tie him straps together. We brought him then into the house to bondage him and to use him as our fuck toy for today…

Emma Lee

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  • Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World