Rubber Hotel Pt1

3 days in a hotel totally encased in heavy rubber – Pt1

December 12 | 11:30 min. Pervy-HD-Video

What happend?

If you ever red my story of how I became a rubberdoll and what the situation was how everything started, you know that the famous rubbermodel Natalia! did a 3 days total enclosure rubber session in a hotel. Well, this was my dream too and so a client of mine drove with me to a hotel where my luggage was only filled with rubber clothing…

…you have red right. I had for this 3 days trip in my luggage only rubber clothing and sex toys with me. The trip started in Germany at the Bodensee, where I was dressed into my black rubber catsuit. For some discretion reason we traveled at night so that children won’t be affected by those really bizarre scene. The drive was really long since I was brought to Croatia for this session. When we arrived at the croatian border I was allowed to take off my rubber hood, because Croatia is finally not into the Schengen region, but right behind the border I was put again into my hood and my collar was locked.

The check-in at the hotel was really funny and nice. The girl behind the desk at the reception looked at me like I was coming from an outer planet, but she wasn’t shy and asked me if this isn’t hot inside this outfit? My answer was „It is, but not because the temperature!“ She smiled on me and had wished me a wonderful good night. Well, she did not know that I will have to spent the night in this tight and black shiny rubber outfit.

The video starts at the next morning after the long trip and the really bizarre check-in into the hotel. I was wearing my black rubber catsuit and my COR13 corset combined with the Studio Gum ballhood which was all night inflated and allowed me only to breath through the little hole over my mouth. In my pussy was an inflatable dildo while in my ass was also some vibrating toy inserted. I was wearing a metal colla and metal cuffs around my wrists. The ballhood had a lockable zip and was also covered from the collar so there was no way to remove the ballhood myself.

While I woke up slowly I started to touch my ballhood and my in tight and shiny rubber encased boobs. The situation was naughty and so kinky, that it really made me horny and wet as hell. It was therefore sure that I would start to use the pussy pump to give more pressure for pleasure into the rubber dildo. In the following weeks I will post a lot of videos of this hotel session and you will see me in really daily situations, but totally encased in rubber! I will be trying to have a breakfast with this inflated ballhood and realized that eating is no option in it and also swiming is kind of interesting when your head looks like a buoy!

Emma Lee

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  • Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World