Between Legs

Between the legs of a rubberwhore

September 13 | 09:37 min. Pervy-HD-Video

What happend?

Many of my fans dream of this situation. Being once between my legs, watching directly on my rubberized vagina. Smelling the horny, wet pussy combined with the smell of the awesome rubber. Seeing how I rub myself and touch my boobs…

…and much more. This video puts you into the situation of being in session with me, lying or bound on a bed and I stand over your head. You watch directly into my crotch and you see my horny and wet rubberized pussy. You see also my big round boobs and my head encased in the ballhood. It’s an unreal view, but finally it is not unreal. It’s so real, as it can be!

I’m rubbing with my rubber fingers my clit and pussy and you finally are so near. like only a few people were till now. I attach my breathing tube to my ballhood and hold the other end of the tube directly on my rubberized pussy, while breathing deep into my lungs all this pervy smell.

Later I change masks and I play with my inflatable butterfly gag. I inflate it to the absolutelly max I can hold out, while I play and rub my pussy and tits. Then I gonna show you how huge my mouth still is that I can easily suck any huge dick! There is finally no limit 😉

Emma Lee

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Video Information
  • VIDEO DURATION: 09:37 minutes
  • VIDEO RESOLUTION: 1280x720px
  • VIDEO SIZE: ~ 460 MB
  • Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World