Private Fireplace Satisfaction

December 3 | 15:27 min. Pervy-HD-Video

What happend?

Do you wear rubber at home? How long are you wearing rubber each day? Do you love gasmasks? Do you use your rebreather bag often? Do you love to penetrate your pussy? And many more kinky and pervy questions are coming each day into my mailbox from you and other fans of me. On Instagram, on tumblr and on fetlife, the questions are almost the same…

…this inspired me to give you a little view behind the scenes and into my private room. That I live out my fetish in all kind of variations in the dungeon, you all already know. But what I never showed is a little background view into my private room and area. I hope to answer with this lovely video a lot of questions of you, like if I do enjoying wearing rubber at home? Yes, I do! I really enjoy wearing rubber at all times of my life. There is nothing in my life, where I don’t like to wear to rubber. It doesn’t matter if I sit on the toilet or infront of my fireplace enjoying my favorite fetish artwork and magazines. I love to do that in heavy rubber.

I really misses the feeling the of the shiny rubber on my boobs, arms and legs, when reading fetish magazines. I get so fast jealous, that I really can’t await to jump into the outfit on my own. That’s the reason why I do it mostly when already in rubber. Then it’s also more easy to penetrate or play with myself. Using my inflatable dildos, vibrators and Magic Wand etc. is so much easier in heavy rubber gear then in my shitty cotton jeans. Just a zip and I can access everything easily ( well in private situations I don’t wear full rubber condoms or rubberpussy 😉 ). So enjoy this little video which will answer as I hope a lot of your questions and show you that I’m not just a rubberdoll for living, but that it’s my passion and my real life fetish I enjoy to live out daily in every situation!

Emma Lee

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  • Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World