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Rubberwhore’s Self-Enjoyment Pt1

January 24 | 06:03 min. Pervy-HD-Video

What happend?

Rubberwhore was locked into her new rubberprison from fantastic rubber and left alone over night in the dungeon. She can’t undress, she can’t speak and finally the dungeon was locked, therefore she decided to get herself some enjoyment…

…Rubberwhore was booked for an overnight session together with Mistress. Both where very early in the dungeon and so Rubberwhore decided to try and dress up into her new fantastic rubber outfit, which was concepted as a rubberprison in 0,8mm thickness of latex. Mistress was first very sceptical that it will be possible to put rubberwhore’s huge boobs through the little neck-entry hole of the suit as the rubber was very thick and also a standing collar was added to the suit.

After lubing herself and the suit with silicone Mistress helped to stretch the rubber so that rubberwhore was able to slip into the rubber. After some minutes of very hard stretching and lubbing ruberwhore was finally in her rubberprison catsuit. Both knew that it will be impossible to undress this suit alone, especially for the Rubberwhore herself. So Mistress started to finish the rubberprison with a mouth feature mask and some metal collars around neck and arms. After she was ready she smiled into Rubberwhore’s face „You know that you will spend the like this, isn’t it?“

Rubberwhore wanted to protest against this, because the thick rubber was finally squeezing her body hardly into shape. The tight corset made this even more harder for her. However the mouth feature made protesting totally impossible too. Rubberwhore thought that the client will arriving soon, but he wasn’t. The client changed the date into a escort dinner with the Mistress and therefore Mistress left the dungeon after she was ready for that. Rubberwhore was alone. Trapped and locked into this super-tight rubberprison becoming slowly more and more horny about being trapped like that. So she didn’t needed long to understand, that Mistress locked her into rubber, but haven’t said that she is not allowed to have some fun and finally also there was no word about orgasm control and so it happened that Rubberwhore spreaded her legs and started to make herself nice feelings with the Magic Wand stick…

Emma Lee

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  • VIDEO DURATION: 06:02 minutes
  • VIDEO RESOLUTION: 1280x720px
  • VIDEO SIZE: ~ 280 MB
  • Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World