Boomer Electro Pt2

Super Boomer Electro Penetration Pt2

December 27 | 16:53 min. Pervy-HD-Video

What happend?

Rubberwhore was visiting Mistress Velvet for some days of work in the Vienna Darkest Dreams dungeon. After we had great sessions together and rubberwhore was on the way to pack things into their boxes, Mistress decided that time hasn’t come to leave yet. Some spray right into rubberwhore’s face and she felt into a sleep of some hours…

…when rubberwhore woke up she found herself between some black latex sheets. She finally realized like Mistress zipped the sheets together and laughed loud about what is happening now. It doesn’t took a minute and the air was sucked out of. Rubberwhore found herself bound between the latex sheets in the vacprison bed.

Rubberwhore’s body could be seen in the nice and shiny texture of the vaprison. Her huge boobs were squeezed together but since she has huge boobs, they looked perfect in this situation. Also the corseted waist was nicely to see. Through a small hole in the height of her crotch a thin cable was coming out of the vacprison and was connected to a small black box with blinking lights.

Only through a small hole in the face area rubberwhore was able to breath. She played with her tongue on that hole. Mistress decided to give rubberwhore a small demonstration of her power and control and so Mistress kneeled over the vacprison and placed her rubberized crotch exactly of the face of rubberwhore. First she hold her breathing hole closed with her hand to give rubberwhore a small preview of what was coming.

Mistress sat down with her rubberarse on rubberwhore’s face and closed this way the only breathing hole for rubberwhore but rubberwhole was trained and started to press her tongue through the little hole trying to open the two zippers on Mistress’s catsuit to lick her pussy. Mistress started right now to use the remote control in her hand to give rubberwhore some painful shocks into her pussy. She moaned but did not stopped… Even when Mistress gave her a 100% heavy shock, rubberwhore stopped trying to break into Mistress’s pussy with her tongue…

After some hours of play in the vacbed, Mistress had some other ideas for having fun with the rubberwhore. She opened the vacbed and bound her living rubberdoll on her new Super Boomer gynchair by Style-Fetish. Her hands and even her fingers were bound on the chair. The head was bondaged with the head bondage device. The rubberwhore got a bipolar metall electro dildo into her pussy and was connected to the new remote controlled electro toy. The fun for Mistress started…

Emma Lee

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  • VIDEO DURATION: 16:53 minutes
  • VIDEO RESOLUTION: 1280x720px
  • VIDEO SIZE: ~ 780 MB
  • Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World