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Vacuum Bed Bondage – No Way Out Pt1

March 23 | 07:51 min. Pervy-HD-Video

What happend?

The Doll had to learn a hard lesson after she was bad in a session one day before. Mistress Dominique la Mer decided that The Doll (Emma) has to stay a whole night in a very uncomfortable vacuum bed bondage. But that’s not the only surprise for the rubberbitch…

Mistress Dominique la Mer decided not only that Emma Lee has to spend the night in vacuum bed bondage, she also puts two huge metal dildo electrodes into Emma’s holes and connects her to the remote electro stimulation toy. Also she locks The Doll into a double layer catsuit and put her round inflatable mask on with the tube connection.

The evil plan of Mistress Dominique la Mer, is to lock The Doll as long in the vacbed bondage, till the next client arrives to fuck Emma Lee. But before that The Mistress let’s her Doll feel the power of electro stimulation. The Doll has all the time the feeling of being fucked hard by a huge cock and she can’t do nothing against it in her tight and shiny rubberprison. But the next surprise won’t be long in coming, when The Doll hears that The Mistress is planing to widen her horny wet holes also with the fucking machine before the client arrives… Was this the last surprise for The Doll?

Emma Lee

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  • VIDEO PART: Part 1 of 2-3 Parts
  • VIDEO DURATION: 07:51 minutes
  • VIDEO RESOLUTION: 1280x720px
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    Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World