The PervyDoll Emma Lee

My transformation from a bizarre and kinky Rubberdoll to an extremely perverted Rubberwhore!

Hi everyone my name is Emma Lee and I’m a living rubberdoll, fetish bizarre model and RUBBERWHORE from Zagreb based in Düsseldorf, Germany my whole live. I’m in my midy 30's and have been interested in rubber fetish, modelling and dungeon work since the age of 16, when I first saw in a late night show the heavy rubber model and muse from former Penthouse photographer Jo Hammar, Natalia!
In the following years I searched help in the mistress scene to reach my goal of becoming a real bizarre rubberdoll. I worked a lot in dungeons and was trained by the best female domination mistresses worldwide. From Lady Riva in Cologne, Mistress Sandra in Vienna up to Mistress Dominique la Mer which I belong to since many years. Finally I'm also with Comtesse Larissa from Munich. She had something very bizarre in her head and so she asked me one day if I love to become a real RUBBERWHORE. Her rubberwhore!
I got big silicone boobs like my hero Natalia! had (she has already twice big as before) and was forced daily into full rubber gear. My day started in rubber and it ended in full rubber and bondage gear. My clothing is exclusively made of rubber. It’s bizarre, shiny and tight. Everything in my life is about fetish bizarre rubbersex, bondage and sm practics. When I say everything, then I mean everything. Every single minute is devoted to my fetish and even if I would love to change that, there is still my jointress and mistress which forces me into that and has the total control about my body and soul.
To reach the perfection of a real living rubberdol, Dominique la Mer has rubberized all internal parts of my body too. For example my mouth is rubberized with an anatomical shape made of white and red latex. You can see like each tooth is coated with latex as my tongue too. Being kissed by those wonderful latex lips and tongue is an incredible sexy feeling for everyone who tried it before. Needless to say that this turns me mute as a fish. It’s not possible to talk with this rubber mouth but mostly this isn’t for what it was made.
A really big change in my life happened then 2 years before when I came to Comtesse Larissa. She prepared a cellar rubber dungeon room for me. I remember the first time when I have seen my new home. On the ceiling there were over 100 hooks and between the hooks mirrors. A huge bondage bed and a secure door. The first night there in rubber was very strange but I accepted it very fast. Since then I was transformed from Rubberdoll to Rubberwhore I love it being used for rubbersex. A day without rubbersex is making me still sad and nervous. So book your session now 😉 ...
Big Love, Emma Lee xx


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  • Copyright Cover Image: Jo Hammar -
  • Model in gasmask and violin: Natalia! -
  • Copyright Images above: Christophe Mourthé -
  • Blonde Mistress: Mistress Dominique la Mer -
  • Copyright Images above: Flo Butcher -
  • Copyright Images above: Stephan Doleschal -
  • Copyright Images above: Harald Wilfer -
  • Updated: March 23, 2017

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  1. NikolaNikola12-04-2012

    I live in Ukraine
    I admire you and on the kind I envy.
    I wish good luck and an embodiment of desires.
    Best regards

  2. Erika RidleyErika Ridley01-10-2013

    I think you and i have much in common and would be great to collaborate in the future.

  3. IvanIvan12-02-2015

    I am also from Zagreb and I still live in Zagreb.
    I admire you and your work.
    Unfortunately rubber and latex scene in Zagreb with a Rubber Dominatrix
    doesn’t exists…
    But thanks to you and others…we are extremily happy…you all makes us happy….
    Thank you!!!!!

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Emma Lee is a high-class fetish and bizarre Rubberdoll. She is international popular for her outstanding and gorgeous fetish outfits on parties all over the World